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Flight Simulator Experience

Treat yourself or somebody else to a unique experience: the Flight Simulator Experience.
By booking the Flight Simulator Experience you can fly in a certified A320 FFS at the Alitalia Training Academy with a professional instructor.
This is an amazing experience primarily because it is totally real. The simulator, also used for pilots’ training, perfectly reproduces the cockpit, the aircraft instrumentation, the sensation of flying and the visuals outside the cockpit.
You will be coached by your Instructor during the session trough an hour of familiarization on a FTD (Static Simulator),  a briefing before take-off, two hours flying on the Full Flight Simulator A320 and a debriefing after landing.

At the end of your experience a personalised certificate signed by the Instructor and a cockpit layout will be given. 

  • Single session: € 430 per person inc. VAT for 1 hour of FTD and 2 hours of FFS A320 with a minimum of 3 participants per session


How to book: 
Send an Email to flight.training@alitalia.it  with your preferred date and time schedule. Alitalia staff will contact you to inform you about which days and time schedules are available. 
If you confirm the booking you will receive a contract to sign and the payment request.
After returning the signed contract and a copy of the bank transfer by e-mail or fax you will receive the confirmation you need to enter the flight simulator, followed by your Invoice.  
Flight Simulator Experience sessions must be booked at least 15 days in advance.  
The minimum age requirement is 14 years. Children must be accompanied by an adult.
The Flight Simulator is exclusively a recreational activity, not a training session. 


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