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Aviation English courses for Cabin Crew

“English for Cabin Crew” is the Aviation English course for those who want to become Cabin Crew. 

The course develops the communication and listening skills necessary to carry out all on board duties and to manage passenger requests in any operative context. 

  • To speak fluent Aviation English in routine and non routine situations, from pre-flight briefings through to desimbarkation
  • Enrich vocabulary
  • Improve pronunciation
  • Learn polite formulas that are useful when communicating with passengers
  • Acquire language skills to manage passenger requests 


  • 40 hours


  • Improve fluency and pronunciation
  • Build key vocabulary and expressions
  • Emphasis on improving and developing listening and speaking skills
  • Listening practice to help learners understand passengers in routine and non-routine situations
  • Speaking practice with emphasis on pronunciation, intonation and fluency
  • The pre flight briefing
  • Introductions /checking and clarifying
  • Polite requests, showing how something works, pronunciation reading safety instructions
  • After takeoff and into the flight. 
  • Formal and informal language, dealing with passenger needs
  • Offering a choice, money transactions
  • Minor passenger problems
  • Finding out the problem, offering to help, apologizing
  • On board medical problems
  • The Check-Call-Care response, giving and reporting instructions, giving instructions NOT to do something, past forms, linking words
  • In-flight emergencies
  • Complaints and disruptive passengers
  • If expressions, expressing obligation
  • Preparing for landing
  • Word order in multi word verbs, making announcements, talking about time, checking things have been done, making recommendations, crew debriefing


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