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CRM for TRI (Teaching & Learning) Training Course

This course is an interactive seminar with the classroom managed by two CRMI/CRME skilled in technical training and in the management of Human Factors classrooms (Facilitation). It involves role playing exercises, case studies, discussions on films and slides.

  • Acquire the knowledge and develop the necessary skills to carry out the role of supervisor in Line Flying under Supervision and in the Command Course pre-training phase


  • LTR and F/O that satisfy the requirements of JAR-FCL 1.365 and 1.410


  • 5 days (35 hours)



  • Role of instructor and motivation
  • Safety and training
  • Teaching and learning processes
  • Objectives and training progression 
  • Training philosophies and compliance with syllabus
  • Training and implementation plan
  • Briefings
  • Teaching techniques when flying and in Full Flight Simulator (FFS)
  • Identification of errors, analysis and management
  • Training evaluation for teaching purposes and differences with exam evaluation 
  • De-briefings
  • HPL relative to TRI and areas of intervention
  • Ability of the pilot as the sum of his skills 
  • Development of pilot’s judgment


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