ERO-ETOPS: Extended Range Operations and Extended Twin Engines Operations training course

This course involves theoretical lessons and practical exercises taken by qualified instructors (Ground Instructors or Pilots) that focus on flight planning and monitoring, with specific attention on general and specific ETOPS regulations and global weather conditions.

  • Acquire the necessary skills for the planning and monitoring of long-haul flights, including those that fly over ETOPS areas.


  • Flight Crew with valid CPL-ATPL license


3 days:
  • 1st day: classroom activities (theoretical lessons) and use of CBT classrooms on ERO contents
  • 2nd day: classroom activities (theoretical lessons and practical exercises) on ERO contents
  • 3rd day: classroom activities (theoretical lessons and practical exercises) on ETOPS contents


  • North Atlantic
  • R.V.S.M
  • G.P.S.
  • T.C.A.S II
  • Flight Information Manual (U.S.A.)
  • Volcanic activities
  • AFI
  • EAST
  • Polar routes
  • Airports
  • RNP-10

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