Type Rating Courses

The Alitalia Approved Training Organisation (ATO) runs Type Rating qualification training courses for Flight Crew for the following aircraft: A320, A330, B777.
The courses are divided into a theoretical and a practical part.

  • Acquire specific know how and skills in order to work as Pilot Flying (PF) and Pilot not Flying (PNF) aboard the aircraft type where the course is carried out either in “normal”, “abnormal” and “emergency” conditions


  • Flight Crew with the following qualifications:

- Valid CPL/IR MPA license 
- Good knowledge of English (ICAO level 4)-



Conversion Course A320F:

  • 13-days Ground Course
  • 16 Flight Training Device missions
  • 1 Proficency Check

Conversion Course B777:

  • 18-days Ground Course
  • 9 Flight Training Device missions
  • 1 Proficency Check   

Conversion Course A330:

  • 13-days Ground Course
  • 10 Flight Training Device missions
  • 1 Proficency Check


  • Normal procedures
  • Abnormal procedures
  • Emergency procedures
  • Performances
  • Systems
  • Emergency drills
  • Firefighting


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