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MCC courses: Multi Crew Cooperation

This course provides training to pilots with PPL/IR (Pilot Private Licences) or CPL/IR (Commercial Private Licences) that want a Type Rating course on multi crew aircraft, even if they do not have an ATPL (Airline Transport Pilot Licence).

  • Acquire specific knowhow and skills to manage crew on multiengine aircraft with multi crew
  • Acquire knowhow of Human Factor issues


  • Piltos with PPL/IR and CPL/IR licenses


  • 2 days of classroom to learn about Human Factor issues, basic rules, applicable procedures and conduct applicable in a MCC (multi crew coordination) context
  • 20 hours of practical exercises on PF (Pilot Flying) Flight Navigation and Procedures Trainer (FNPT II) (FRASCA FTD or MD80) certified simulators and 20 hours on PNF (Pilot not flying) FNPT II (FRASCA FTD or MD80) certified simulator.


  • Company polices
  • OM part B
  • OM part A General Basic
  • Integration and coordination among crew members in airline operations
  • Situation awareness
  • Stress management
  • Decision making
  • Team synergy
  • Task sharing
  • Conflict management
  • Leadership

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