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Corso di Inglese aeronautico per Piloti commerciali

Il corso è dedicato ai piloti commerciali che vogliono sviluppare le competenze linguistiche necessarie per la propria professione.

  • Raggiungere il livello 4 della scala ICAO e consolidare le capacità di comprensione e comunicazione richieste da tale livello


Piloti commerciali in possesso dei seguenti requisiti:
  • IELTS 3.5 o qualifica  equivalente conseguita negli ultimi 6 mesi
  • Entry test ENAC superato negli ultimi 6 mesi


  • Listen and read material appropriate to aviation and aeronautical communications on board and on the ground
  • Actively participate in both face-to- face and non face-to-face conversations and routine exchanges in both general; ground school/instructor and aeronautical contexts
  • Express opinions, approval and disapproval, likes and dislikes, attitudes and ideas on familiar topics and convey needs, information, instructions and descriptions using pronunciation intelligible to the international aeronautical community
  • Negotiate
  • Recognize and resolve miscommunications
  • Interpret meaning from written and aural cues
  • Recognize stylistic variation and register, and make predictions about content
  • Read and discuss a range of text types including description of objects, locations, situations and features
  • Cause-effect; problem-consequence; reason-example
  • Recognize and use a range of appropriate grammar
  • Recognize and use general vocabulary and vocabulary related to aviation themes such as time, duration, schedules and fuel, health, people , weather, technology, aerodromes, cargo, materials and fire, communication, navigation, movement and geography
  • Used and understand appropriate language used during flying training
  • Use the language necessary to describe onboard and on ground in normal and abnormal situations
  • Describe accurately weather phenomena
  • Describe airport features, markings and hazards
  • Understand ATIS and clearance information
  • Use and understand the correct language on the flight deck
  • Use and understand language used with technical personnel
  • Use and recognize the language for aircraft checks and checklists
  • Use and understand the language used in controlled airspace


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